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The exploration process takes time, but great things are in store if you are willing to dig deep and discover your academic passions!

There are many ways to explore your options and find your degree. Any opportunity to learn and ask questions is a step in the right direction.

Meet with your advisor

Talk to your advisor about your likes, dislikes, personal goals, and professional dreams. What may seem unimportant to you might be the clue to connecting you with a new career. (And we’re pretty good listeners!)

Take new courses

Introductory classes can be an excellent way to test out a major, learn more about the discipline and discover career paths. WSU also offers two classes specifically designed to guide you through the process of connecting college experiences to life opportunities.

Informational interviews

Ask someone in the major what they think! Professors, grad students, advisors, and fellow students are all great resources.

Talk with friends and family

Do you have people in your life whose advice you trust? Talking through possibilities and ideas can be a helpful way to process decisions.

Job shadow

Being on the job can be very different from the academic setting. Job shadowing is a great way to see with your own eyes how alumni put their degrees to work.

Community service

Volunteering can be a great way to learn more about different areas and meet people with different perspectives. Step up, give back to your community, and add new experiences to your toolbox.

Study abroad

Gaining international experience broadens your horizons and helps you understand yourself better. You’ll learn about other cultures, languages, and people –– and more about what you value!

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One-credit Wonders

WSU offers several unique courses to help you strengthen your academic skills and identify your academic fit, including:

College Majors and Career Choice (UNIV 100)
Focuses on exploration of academic majors, the personal decision-making process, and career development.

College Majors and Career Planning (UNIV 301)
Designed to assist students in preparing for the next step after college by building upon the foundation of student’s values and providing direction in discovering career and life opportunities.